Gayle McNutt: I had been going to another breast center with the same problem for over two years. I was told that it was nothing to worry about. I was really surprised with Dr. Trekell's persistence in finding out what the problem was. It saved my life. I have never had anyone be so thorough. I would come to her for any surgical problem.

Margie Barlow: Dr. Trekell was recommended to me. I found her to be patient and kind, never rushing. Tennessee Breast Center, Inc. is the best in our area with staff being very supportive and understanding during a very stressful time. To me, Dr. Trekell is the best and we're fortunate to have her in this area.

June Ackerman: I had a good experience with Dr. Trekell. She took so much time explaining things and on a Friday afternoon. She spent so much time with us at various times during the treatment process. I heard her speak and was so proud that I wanted to stand up and say "that's my doctor." I have been a patient of Tennessee Breast Center, Inc. for several years and am so impressed with the nurses being so thorough. My husband (former hospital administrator) and I were thrilled to have had the support as well as expertise which Dr. Trekell showed us.

Shirley Clark: Dr. Trekell is open, honest and caring. She represents women well who have breast cancer. She takes time, has patience and is very sympathetic with the newly diagnosed patient. I recommend Dr. Trekell for breast cancer surgery or any other general surgery. I went into denial with my breast cancer diagnosis and Dr. Trekell was very willing to go along with my feelings and gave me the time to come to terms with my diagnosis. I take one day at a time and have strong faith. Breast cancer is a test of this faith. Dr. Trekell is outstanding in her field and being the founder of Tennessee Breast Center, Inc. shows that she cares about women.

Joan Wallin: Dr. Trekell made me feel confident and gave me everything that I needed. My faith in God and Dr. Trekell has sustained me during this time. My husband and I were new to this area and I don't know how I came to Tennessee Breast Center, Inc. but I know that it was the place that I needed to be. I was really scared after reading the information given to me (National Cancer Institute Information) but through my faith and with Dr. Trekell's guidance I overcame that fear. I had a lumpectomy three years ago and have done really well since that time.

Bonnie Davidson: http://www.pinkribbon.com/ Dr. Trekell is mentioned with tremendous fondness. She was the single reason I was able to deal with my diagnosis so well. Her optimism was contagious and her compassion was boundless.